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Postet av Kristine Bommen den 3. Des 2014

by Lou Jordan

The Bang

Postet av Kristine Bommen den 4. Sep 2014

Alexa Chung
er min personlige hår inspirasjon om dagen. Må nok bli en lugg til sparesveisen i høst.
Kanskje man skulle blitt brunette og......?

Alexa Chung, Vogue Festival 2014 speaker. Buy tickets to this year's Vogue Festival:

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Bangs transition

Alexa Chung | I wish that I were good looking and smart more than anything else in this world.


*'* sAndY *'*

Postet av Kristine Bommen den 16. Jul 2014


Beach hair. Sadly my hair doesn't "do" this on it's own.. think I need some help from #aioutlet .... I hear you just have to step on the Aruba beaches and VOILA awesome mermaid hair ACHIEVED!


I want to go away. And be skinny. And have cool denim shorts.

Beach love

sandy hair #letlifeflow #soulflowercontest

Home-made fruity filled Popsicles - a must have for the hot summer days and nights! #ArbonnePureSummer

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